HerStory Global Women's Empowerment Conference Auditions - (Ignore The Date Tickets)






HerStory Global Women's Empowerment Conference Auditions - (Ignore The Date Tickets)




Dec 31, 2020




Please register and ignore the date this is for auditions only, a booking link will be provided when you have been confirmed as a speaker.

What is the HerStory Global Women's Empowerment Conference?

A conference to bring Women worldwide with each other on "Making the Impossible Possible". A conference to spark citizen engagement towards empowerment and also social sustainability.

  • The HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment Network is an organization founded in New Zealand as a grassroots movement promoting and also bringing women together to share not only personal experiences but innovation, creative, company and also kind sustainable solutions to the social, economic, environmental and personal issues affecting women internationally.
  • A two-day conference, to be kept in 1000 places around the globe with a maximum of 100 speakers at each event and also connecting one million women worldwide. The conference aims to open up the scene for a gathering of minds, global collaboration, co-creation to growth, empowerment, and change.

For more information visit our website https://herstorycircle.com/

We want the HerStory Conferences to be a unique experience!

We had a successful launch of the HerStory Conference in Las Vegas. There was a diverse range of speakers from professional to amateur, young and old. Below are a few of the presentations and testimonials.




Coming Soon.


  • Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 3:00 PM –
  • Thu, Dec 31, 2020, 4:00 PM IST

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