Growing From This Place






Growing From This Place




Nov 10, 2020




Are you tired of your current situation? 

Are you constantly surrounded by people that don’t add any value to your life on inspire you to grow? 

Are you in desperate need of a better or change in life? 

Well, if that’s the case, the time is now to start changing the way you think and learn how to grow from where you are through the Word of God.

Every Thursday night, Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight delves into the Word of God and teaches you key strategic principles that will help you to unlock your hidden potential, activate your purpose and spark your passion for pursuing a successful and fulfilling life through Christ Jesus. 

This conference call is sure to invoke a change in the way you think, and how you respond to the attack of the enemy that tries to deter you from living within your purpose.


  • Jonathan L. McKnight,  Pastor 


  • Learning the power of growing in faith
  • Discovering the will of god for life
  • Getting into position for your purpose
  • Soar into a greater session of favor
  • Prayers for you and your family

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