We are a Virtual Conference platform

The most engaging platform in town!

We're on the mission to make conferences more accessible by bringing content and networking opportunities to the mass.

We built a platform to offer professionals an alternative to in-person events. It helps increase the audience, cut costs and enhances the experience of conference-goers.

Agenda & Tracks

Divide your event by tracks and add all talks so you can design the right agenda

Automatic agenda builder
Favorite management, Keynote and Featured highlights, Freemium talks definition

Live Talks & Audience Interactions

Interactive talks with live Q&A and screensharing capabilities.

Live chat and a 2nd screen option for speakers
Admin-Speaker private channel and a speaker test tool

1:1 Meetings with Speakers

Let your speakers define availabilities and your audience pick a conveniant slot for 1:1 video chat.

Automatic recording sent to participants
Automatic reminders via emails and text messages


As in an in-person conference, value is derived from fellow attendees. Our various tools allow participants to meet and share their expertise.

Live forum where participants can ask and answer questions
Live chat with search tool to filter the audience according to interests

Content Publication

Share inspiring content related to your topic to engage the audience

Blog engine with tag management and email notifications
Newsletter management with audience filtering capabilities

Payment & Ticketing

Define the right business model for your conference and design the ticketing strategy you need.

Limit feature access per ticket category
Unlimited Attendees, Speakers and Sponsors


Control the look and feel, talk to your audience, manage your ticketing strategy and track performance. All in one place!

Manage design and wording
Engage with your audience through emailing and chat messages
Choose your business model and design your tickets by assigning features per ticket group

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