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Just need a platform for a single event? This offer is for you.

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Credit card will be charged only after the trial.

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All features access
Admin access
500 registrants
20¢ per extra registrant per month
15,000 streamed mins/month
3¢ per extra streamed minute
Payment Module
6% + 50¢ per transaction
On-going support
Dedicated Slack channel



If you're looking at running muliple events, look below!

No Risk. 7-day trial.

Credit card will be charged only after the trial.

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All features access
Admin access
3,000 registrants
10¢ per extra registrant per month
80,000 streamed mins/month
2¢ per extra streamed minute
Payment Module
6% + 50¢ per transaction
On-going support
Dedicated Slack channel


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Tailored platform
Admin access
Speaker Management
Recruitment & Onboarding
Event Management
Community Management & Support
Advertising and Partner Programs
Unique Project Manager
Tailored Reporting and Support

Optional Add-ons

Custom URL
All platforms are hosted on a subdomain.
Redirect your platform to any domain or subdomain of choice.


Per month
Event Support - 1 Dedicated Event Manager
Speaker management, event coordination, user support
1 staff member can manage up to 6 hrs of an event, 10 talks and 2 tracks


Per day
Speaker Onboarding - Price Per Speaker
Schedule onboarding group calls with your speakers
Individual session with each speaker to test their settings before your event


Per speaker


What is a minute streamed and how is it billed?


A minute streamed is the time a single user spends watching a live video.

  • If 10 viewers watch a 30 minute webinar then your total of streamed minute is 300.
  • If 2 users are using the 1:1 video session for 30 minutes then the total of streamed minutes is 60.

We calculate at the end of each month how many streamed minutes you consume and bill extra-cost if you over consumed.

With our Start plan, clients can have ten 30-minute webinars viewed by 50 users the whole time.

We are only charging for the time spent watching the webinar live. If a user stops watching a webinar after 5 minutes streamed minutes will be 5 minutes, even if the webinar lasts for 30 minutes.

What is a registrant and how is it billed?


A registrant is a person who registers on your platform. If at any point during the billing period you're surpassing this amount we will charge for the maximum amount if registrants you reached on the period.

If you have a Starter offer and starts reach 600 users during in March and then delete 150 users in April we'll just charge for the extra 100 users you had in March which will be $20. If you want to keep these users moving forward then your monthly rate will be $510.

What is a custom URL?


All platforms are hosted on a subdomain of You can decide of the domain you want as long as they are not taken. Your subdomain shouldn't be too generic, insulting or using a registered brand.

If you want to have this platform hosted on your domain or subdomain, you subscribe to our Custome URL option. We will share an url with you, you'll need to create a CNAME redirecting to this url.

Can I host simultaneous events on the same platform?


Unfortunately not. You can run as many events as you want on your platform but they have to use the same platform. If you need to run a parallel event then you need to subscribe to an extra platform for the time you need it.

What kind of support do you provide?


As soon as you register you'll be invited on our slack channel. We will ask you a few questions the following questions to create your platform.

  • A large banner or some visual component to build one
  • Your logos
  • Your event name and baseline
  • Event Description
  • Tracks
  • Your agenda
  • 5 talks and 5 speakers max

24 hours after receiving these information we'll publish your platform.

After your platform is published our team will be available on our Slack channel to answer any questions. We won't be producing for you after the platform is live but we will answer all questions to help you produce the best event possible.

When can I expect to get my platform live?


Your platform will be live 24 hours after we received all the required information. You'll be able to submit all these information right after subscribing, if you have all these information handy you can expect to be live tomorrow.

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