Inkers Con 2020 Digital Authors Conference






Inkers Con 2020 Digital Authors Conference




Jul 11, 2021




Take your writing career to the next level and join hundreds of other authors in unique online workshops and panels about writing, business, and marketing for authors and editors. 

The INKERS CON is designed to bring your career to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice writer or a well-seasoned editor on the lookout for new horizons. 

Come to the event to explore the newest practices in publishing and network with peers and industry leaders to improve your sales, quality, inspiration, and productivity.

Early registration is open now and will save you $200! 

Grab your spot quickly, there is a limited number of early registration tickets!



  • Alana Albertson, Bestselling Author
  • Alessandra Torre, NYT Bestselling Author
  • CD Reiss, NYT Bestselling Author
  • Fiona Cole, Bestselling Author
  • Jeff Carson,  Amazon Bestselling Author
  • Kandi Steiner, Bestselling Author
  • Laurelin Paige,  NYT Bestselling Author
  • Mal cooper, Facebook Ads Expert & NYT Bestselling Author
  • Meghan March, NYT Bestselling Author
  • Meredith Wild, NYT Bestselling Author
  • Susan Stoker, NYT Bestselling Author
  • Becca Syme, Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
  • Bonnie Paulson, USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Colleen Oppenheim, Publicist
  • Elana Johnson, USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Kiki Chatfield, Publicist
  • Seraphina Nova Glass, Award-Winning Playwright 
  • Mignon Mykel, Amazon Ad Expert And Author
  • Terezia Barna, Project Manager and Business Expert
  • Tex Thompson, Editor and Author
  • Zakiya Larry, Social Media Expert




  • Opening the Bestseller Vault
  • Branding Yourself and Your Novels
  • Selling Books on Instagram
  • Banking on Your Backlist      
  • Dominating Social Media Marketing in 2020
  • Mailing List Masterclass
  • Crafting a Story in Bite-Sized Chunks


  • Blurb Workshop
  • Rewriting Workshop
  • Working Through Every Pantser Problem
  • Getting Naked - Writing Easier and Hotter Sex Scenes
  • Advanced Outlining Methods


  • The Fundamentals of Success
  • Your Reader's Customer Journey
  • From Trilogies to Flagships
  • The Un-Broke Writer
  • Five Things You Should Quit
  • Be 400% More Productive


  • 90 Minutes to Better Facebook Ads
  • AMS Ads for Beginners
  • Advanced AMS Ads
  • Ad Hooks and Copy

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