Marketing Calls






Marketing Calls




Jun 3, 2020




Come join CKearney Consulting (CKC) in their monthly Marketing Call held the first Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. CT.

CKearney Consulting’s Marketing Calls serve as a general user' group for all things marketing.

This group is open to everyone, from entry-level to senior-level positions and even those who are interested in learning from others.

The objective is for attendees to gain and offer the following:

You will also hear and learn from industry professionals sharing on a variety of Marketing topics.

If you missed our previous calls, feel free to check out the recaps.

They are starting the search for future guest speakers.

Would you like to be one?

Contact them today!


  • Courtney Kearney, CPSM from CKearney Consulting
  • Julie Shaffer, CPSM from Shaffer Creative
  • Lindsay Diven, CPSM from Marketers Take Flight
  • Marion Thatch, FSMPS, CPCC from Distinction in Marketing
  • Sarah W. Kinard, The Flamingo Project


September 4th

  • 2 p.m: Marketing Automation

October 2nd

  • 2 p.m: Graphics and Proposals

November 6th

  • 2 p.m: Creating Compelling Content

December 4th

  • Strategies to Implement Marketing Change

January 9th

  • 2 p.m: Powering Up Technology: A Spotlight on MarTech

February 5th

  • 2 p.m: How to Use Market Research to help your firm meet their strategic goals for the year

April 1st

Coming soon

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