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UPDATE FROM ORGANISERS 24MAR20: Due to the situation we are facing with COVID-19 coronavirus we are postponing this event. Please stay tuned for additional details. We will certainly stand firm! If you can - please take into consideration sustaining our conference preparation efforts with donations of your chosen amount via the green 'TICKETS' button on Eventbrite. There is no donation too small or too large! Thanks so much. We're in this together. Stay safe and healthy!

About the Conference:

The Sudanese Women's Empowerment Conference will be held in London on Saturday, 10th October 2020 The conference will certainly be held on the tenth of October 2020.

For several, this will be the first time they've traveled to the capital. Why not turn this into a new experience for yourself and meet new people while learning about issues Sudanese women in the UK are facing.

For several women, it may be their first time to visit the resources, London. Allow us to make this experience an opportunity to get to know each other and review concerns that worry us as Sudanese women in Britain.

  • Hear from speakers that will influence

Allow us to listen to the speakers that have a role in the march of empowering and empowering Sudanese women

  • Opportunities to engage in peace building

An excellent opportunity to get involved in the peacebuilding process.

  • Explore conversations around Sudanese identity

Learn and explore the Sudanese identity

  • Networking and making new contacts

Networking and creating new and effective relationships. 

  • Support for issues Sudanese women face in the UK

Finding support for the issues of Sudanese migrant women in the United Kingdom 

  • Discussing concerns impacting Sudanese women in the UK

Discussing issues affecting the lives of Sudanese women in the United Kingdom 

  • Music, dancing and celebration of Sudanese culture

Let's enjoy music and dance and celebrate our Sudanese culture

  • Having fun while breaking down obstacles

Breaking barriers through fun and communication between us

Why is this seminar so urgent: How crucial is this conference:

In the UK, Sudanese women have learned from their inspirational sisters on the ground in Sudan. Women are refusing to accept the status quo and instead seek personal empowerment.

As Sudanese women, we learned many of our inspiring sisters who broke the restrictions as well as vehemently rejected the humiliating and degrading conditions of Sudanese women and became a role model.

In 2020 Sudanese women’s groups functioning nationwide are intending ahead for a large-scale UK-Sudanese women's empowerment conference, the very first ever of its kind. Will you join us?

As Sudanese women in the Diaspora, we face multiple issues, and therefore we decided to hold this conference to discuss and deliberate on it and find solutions as the first initiative and the first conference of its kind. Will it be a part of this conference?

What to anticipate: What to expect?

Register online via Eventbrite. If you have difficulty registering online - please allow us to understand - WE WILL CERTAINLY HELP YOU!

Joining you requires registration on the specified site and if you encounter any problem with registration please let us know so we can help you

Registrations are ₤ 8.50. Grants are offered for those that qualify.

Lunch, tea as well as coffee will be offered free with your ticket at the event.

Registration requires paying a fee of eight pounds and fifty percent for available hot and cold drinks with a meal for the entrance ticket.

Details will be provided separately about how to create your own 'peace by piece' creative arts contribution to add to our giant toub/shamla!

Details on how to make your own piece of top or top pieces will be provided in a separate appendix.

Because of the sensitive issues that will be discussed, this conference is for adults only 18+. Make sure your childcare arrangements are made in advance.

Provided the sensitive nature of some of the problems to be discussed by the conference, we note that it is for adults only. We hope that you make sure to provide care for your children in their homes in advance.

The emphasis of this event is Sudanese women's empowerment. Men are also welcome.

The focus of this meeting will get on women's problems, enhancing their role and prestige. We are happy and welcome the presence of men with us.

A full routine of the seminar will be readily available closer to the time.

A table with all the details and also the schedule of the seminar will certainly be given later on.




Coming Soon.



  • When: Saturday, Oct 10, 2020
  • Time: 1:45 PM to 9:30 PM IST
  • London, UK

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