The Next Step 2020








This event The Next Step is created for inclusive city-building requires purposeful action. Rather then part of this conversation is equity, diversity, and inclusion - it is the conversation. Leading city-builders from across the region invite you to join us in a day that is full of panels, speeches, workshops, artistic sessions, and discussions where we would be able to share ideas and make strategies that will make the cities better spaces for all.


  • Zahra Ebrahim (Doblin) 
  • Ajeev Bhatia (Centre for Connected Communities) 
  • Graig Uens (City of Toronto, Urban Planner)
  • Valentina Harper (CareMongering TO)
  • Ryan Ram (Matrix 360) 
  • Rosemarie Powell (Toronto Community Benefits Network) 
  • Clayton Barranger (Bousfields), tbc
  • Assaf Weisz (Artscape) 
  • Sara Udow (Process) 
  • Hiba Abdallah (Artist)
  • Kevin Merrit (The Stick Kid)
  • Melana Roberts (Power Lab)
  • Fatima Saya (Daniels Corporation) 
  • Cheyenne Sundance (Sundance Harvest)
  • Sa’ad Ahmed (Tiny Home TO) 
  • Nadine Spencer (Black Business Professionals Association) 
  • Armi De Francia (Town of Ajax)


  • Mon, Apr 27, 2020, 10:00 PM IST
  • Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 2:00 AM IST

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