The Wellness & Wisdom Global Virtual Summit #ReadySetRiseUp




$0 – $20


The Wellness & Wisdom Global Virtual Summit #ReadySetRiseUp




Jul 3, 2020

$0 – $20



Past the WELLNESS + WISDOM Summit, we seek to motivate you to continue your pursuit of personal and also professional well-being.

The world is ever-evolving.

WELLNESS + WISDOM exists to Build, Ignite, and Inspire Personal and Expert Well-Being and Purpose.

Launched in 2018, our Founder, Pamela Bolado's vision for providing a platform for Ladies of the Armed forces became her passion. Because of COVID-19, Pamela has moved her vision to include all females holding down their forts!

By giving a worldwide platform to unite women leaders, philanthropists, and influencers to set the stage for worldwide connection and empowerment for all women.

Here is an entire day of global connection, collaborations, and unity to live your healthiest as well as the most fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. We are incorporating nutrition and healthy living, but additionally focusing on your relationships, your mental health, and your professional mindset.

Industry Specialists, Authors, and also High Profile Leaders as well as Influencers collaborated to bring you a jam-packed day of leadership, excitement, empowerment, inspiration, encouragement, really feel good giveaways, and most of all, connections!

This 3D State of the Art Platform will certainly make you seem like you were standing right in the convention center. An easy to navigate environment will be live-streamed directly to your phone, iPad, computer, and smart tv!

Registration is FREE to access three sessions of selection and watch LIVE presentations throughout the summit.

ALL ACCESSIBILITIES PASS - Proceeds return to our attendees as well as female-founded small businesses. Our team will be using the proceeds to purchase products and services from participating in female-founded small businesses. These will be given back to attendees throughout the day utilizing virtual games and also collecting unique virtual badges! Attendees can collect badges by interacting with the global community, speakers, and just how engaged you are throughout the day.

Are you prepared to connect, be inspired, and also have a ton of online fun?

Register now!


  • Major General Jeannie Leavitt
  • Dr. Jen Welter
  • Jas Boothe
  • Amanda Beard
  • Kristen Taekman
  • Alana Nichols
  • Mary Gauthier
  • Ashleigh Huffman PhD
  • Tanji Johnson
  • Jillian Wright
  • Jeannie Jarnot
  • Barbara Paldus PhD
  • Mitra Manesh
  • Pamela Bolado
  • Lisa Nickerson
  • Nalija Montgomery
  • Dr. Mollie Monahan Kreishman
  • Kristin Bentley
  • Ashley Prange
  • Joe & Brandelyn Tafoya

More Speakers Name and Details are here:



  • When: Thursday, July 2, 2020
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST

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